Coaching for MEN.

COming HOme.

To themselves.

(Re-) Connecting Father & Sons.


Did you grow up without father? Or was your father living under the same roof but not really present? Too busy with work or himself? A long time might have passed since then.


SONS, when was the last time you got in touch with your father? When was the last time you spoke with him? Gave him a hug? Told him how you think or feel about him? Do you know where your father lives these days? Or do you even know if he is still alive? Or did you already start searching for him?

FATHERS, when was the last time you spoke with or met your son? From man-to-man? Spent quality time together without distractions? Or did you lose contact with your son? Maybe your attempts to get in touch were even hindered by his mother?




  • Did your son, father, husband or partner grow up without a father?  

  • Did you ever wonder what kind of influence this could have on your relationship?

  • *MOTHERS, if your son is still under-age and the both of you are living in separation from his father, how do you handle father & son spending time together?

Even though mencoho is primarily a place for men to come home to themselves, we are here as well to serve women who are influenced by these very same men. To enable you to support your man on his journey home so he can be the best version of himself in all his relationships. With you.

It is time. To (Re-) Connect.

It is time. To interact.

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